About Us & Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Provide an in-depth analysis of the news through a "digital first" mindset!

Through the use of digital-first journalism, The Mindful Report seeks to curate and explain the news for the ever-evolving 21st-century audience.

By reaching the said audience through social media, podcasts, and data visualizations, The Mindful Report invites the next generation of readers to grasp new insights on issues that directly affect the world around them.

Whether it's sports or politics, business or pop-culture, our "mindful mission" remains the same.

A mindful look into the US Judiciary!

Making data look cool for the cool kids!

Today's generation cares little for the Judiciary Branch.


Although it's a topic news outlets cover extensively, many still struggle to get younger audiences to care about a government branch that holds the final say of what future generations can do under the law.

Among the many issues The Mindful Report highlights, none is more pressing than remedying that divide.


By analyzing the United States Judiciary Branch through data visualization and digitally curated articles, a generation that's primarily been apathetic towards this issue now has an opportunity to be fully engaged with it in a fresh and nuanced way!

In this hyper-digitized world, readers' attention spans has shortened so drastically to the point where they no longer care what's in a written article.

The Mindful Report realizes this conundrum and have found its solution; data-driven storytelling.

Through data visualization, we believe it allows readers to have an interactive experience where stories are more than just a photo and a paragraph. As such, The Mindful Report puts its faith in this interactive storytelling because it will provide a way for readers to be more mindful about complex issues. 

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