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Alexander Heller | Chief Admin

Covers Politics and US Judiciary



Alexander is a freelance journalist from the greater New York and Philadelphia area. Obtaining his B.A. in journalism and political science from Rowan University, his primary skills involve data analysis/visualization, podcasting, photography and other multimedia oriented storytelling.

When he's not covering the US Judiciary System he's usually getting into impassioned debates about film analysis, while simultaneously being an enthralled observer of US and Mexican history.

Alexander's reporting has been cited and sourced by The Whit Online, Philadelphia Magazine and The New York Times.

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Peter is a freelance journalist who graduated from Rowan University with a B.A. in journalism. He loves talking about meteorology and the wild weather we experience in New Jersey.


In his spare time, you can catch him taking photos and strolling through the local malls.

Peter's work can be found and sourced by The Whit Online and CBS-3 Philadelphia.

Peter Planamente | Contributor

Covers COVID-19 and Weather Phenomena


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Amanda Palma | Contributor

Amanda is a 2019 Rowan University graduate with a dual degree in journalism and public relations. She spent all four years of college writing, taking pictures and editing content for Rowan’s newspaper The Whit.


She first started as the Assistant Photo Editor, then became the Photo Editor her sophomore and junior year, and later the News and Graphics Editor her final year.


She currently lives in North Jersey working as a dog groomer while writing whenever she can. She hopes to move to Philadelphia to pursue a career in the creative communications field.  

Covers Environmental Policy



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Greg Scharen | Contributor

Greg is a recent graduate from Rowan University. He obtained his B.A. in journalism while also minoring in sports communication and media.


An avid fan of pro wrestling, Greg's key interests also includes climate change and social media's influence on pop-culture. You can occasionally see him exhibiting the newest styles and listening to the latest albums.

His work has appeared in The Two River Times, South Jersey Climate News and the podcast Every Whit Way.

Covers Sports and Music



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Christopher Connors | Contributor

Covers Politics and COVID-19



Chris has been an avid reader of current events since he first learned how to use the internet. He's a massive sports fan, as well as interested in government, politics and the legal system.


He writes features and data stories. He graduated from Rowan University with a BA in journalism and served as News Editor of the student-run newspaper The Whit. 


His work has been published on NJ.com, South Jersey Times, The Whit, PhiladelphiaSoul.com, PhillyCollegeSports.com and on the South Jersey Climate News. His stories also earned him a College Coronavirus Coverage Honorable Mention from the Society of Professional Journalists.  

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Jaiden Campana | Contributor

Covers Sports



Jaiden is a freelance journalist with a B.A. in journalism from Rowan University. Since graduating in 2019, his primary focus of study is within the sports media industry. Having completed internships with The Philadelphia Soul, The Philadelphia Inquirer and serving as the Sports Editor of Rowan University's The Whit, for two years. 


His most recent work is with The Philadelphia Inquirer, where he served as a staff writer in the sports department covering all three levels of sports. He aims for a career covering a professional sports team for a major news outlet or for the team itself. 


His most fond sports memory? New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills, Week 17, 2015. That's all you need to know.

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